Engineering complex technology infrastructures since 1996

Bluewire employs a disciplined team of tier-3 professional engineers trained and experienced in information technology, voice/data evolution, and infrastructure optimization.  A team dedicated to help clients maximize their efforts in developing or migrating existing IT/IP infrastructure into more robust service platforms for greater revenue generation and operational interoperability efficiencies.

aboutImageWe’re not your typical technology engineering firm

Bluewire has a geographically diverse MPLS network, and owns infrastructure and facilities right here in Canada! This is a true differentiator that enables clients:

  • Access to comprehensive diagnostic and development lab environments for greater network and platform recreation, complex interoperability issue recognition and resolution, and implementation testing.
  • Geographical diversity and backup for service platforms.
  • Means of new platform scalability and efficiencies in tandem with development.
  • Augment existing technical teams, support, and resources.
  • Material components for new infrastructure and service platform development.
  • Vendor evaluation and interoperability, with a focus on integration into existing client environments.